Friday Night

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The Friday Night is a basic billfold style wallet without an actual billfold slot. It is perfectly suited as an everyday carry wallet for the person that carries minimal items with them. Generally, the friday night is ideal for your ID and 4-6 cards. It features 4 interior pockets and a single pocket on the exterior. This is my personal favorite, and the wallet I carry every day.

Each Friday Night is hand made in Allen, Tx. Your wallet will be crafted at the time of order. Each piece is hand-cut, burnished and carefully sewn with a 3.35mm saddle stich. All of our products are the highest quality available. We go to great lengths to make each of our wallets to a standard that we can genuinly take pride in.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for contstruction & delivery of your item. We try to always make things happen as fast as possible, but each item is built specially for you at the time yof order.